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Based on discussions and interactions with different leading customers we noticed that our customers have high expectations for embedded software developers. Beside the academic background of software development, the way of thinking, hands-on approach to problems, insights in how to develop "good" software can still be improved. Hence our experts defined a program to meet this challenge.


The 8 months Embedded Systems traineeship is tailored for software developers with less than 1 year of professional experience, yet are keen to build a career in embedded software development.

The number of participants to this traineeship is limited, as we want to assure sufficient attention is put on each participant.

Next traineeships agenda:

2019 Spring Edition

  • Kicks off on Monday 11 March 2019

  • Brussels office

  • Maximum number of participants: 10

2019 Fall Edition:

  • Kicks off on Monday 16 September 2019

  • Brussels and Gent offices

  • Maximum number of participants: 20 (10 Brussels, 10 Gent)

"Beside development skills, the traineeship also promotes teamwork to improve your personal skills.“



6 weeks 

of intensive training in embedded

software development

4 weeks 

to complete a challenging technical

problem in cooperation with a customer

2 weeks

to follow a specialisation track

(embedded Linux, automotive, ...)

6 months

of coaching at your

first project

Program details



Hands-on training on different development skills and languages

  • C  / C++ / Python / Shell

  • Linux basics, Linux development

  • Insights in scripting languages

  • Insights in Open Source, software testing, software Security




Tools used in embedded development & methodology

  • Build tools

  • Version control

  • Issue tracking

  • Agile software development




Graduation project:

  • Feasibility

  • Requirement definition

  • Development (according to good professional coding standards)

  • Test automation development & Testing

  • Demonstrate working example (robust, performant) of your development

  • Presentation of your project to a jury of experts & customers


For their graduation project, the engineers will get a team assignment to develop functional software and demonstrate it on a hardware platform.


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