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Nalys is a high-tech company with an innovative business model, focusing on developing and implementing full-stretch solutions. Due to this innovative business model, the company is experiencing a huge growth, has doubled in size in the last year, and our expansion is even accelerating.


The Nalys Institute of Technology Traineeship for Embedded Systems engineers is an 8-month traineeship aimed at identifying high-potential graduates with a Master’s degree or PhD willing to develop their career in the field of embedded systems. During this traineeship, you will work in a customer R&D team designing complex embedded systems in various industries. Our customers, mainly operating in a high-tech environment, are constantly looking ahead to invent and develop next-generation embedded systems created in their R&D team.


The traineeship provides graduate engineers with a broad hands-on work experience completed with relevant skills trainings. Throughout the traineeship you will be managed by our innovation department NIT and advised by experienced mentors.

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